We provide emotional support along with information and community referrals to those impacted by crime or trauma.

We can help support you through the legal process. We attend court with you, help with paperwork, and ensure you understand what to expect.

Everyone who is in any way involved with a disaster or traumatic event is impacted in some way. Learn what to expect and when to get help.

Mission Statement

“Through our skilled staff and trained volunteers, we offer support, information and referrals in a compassionate manner that respects the dignity and privacy of victims.”

Vision Statement

“Every victim of crime and trauma in our service area is provided information, support, and referral services.”

Our Core Values

Compassionate – We will provide our services in an empathetic and timely manner.

Confidential – We commit to maintaining a high degree of privacy for our clients and the information we are entrusted with.

Respectful – We will be open and non judgmental, in our approach and interactions with our clients and community members.