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Restitution is a way for the offender to repay you if you have lost
money, property or had extra expenses because of a crime. You have the right to have the court consider
ordering restitution.

How do I prove I lost money or property due to a crime?

  •    Fill out the Statement on Restitution
  •    Clearly describe what has been lost or stolen
  •    Include copies of receipts and other information like photographs and repair estimates or a pay stub showing lost wages

What are some things I can request restitution for?

  • If you had to buy things to replace what you lost
  • Repair and restoration of damage
  • Costs for temporary housing, food, childcare, and transportation due to moving out of the offender’s household
  •  Services like a counselor or psychologist
  • Lost Wages
  • Expenses to order or replace pieces of personal identification or your credit history
  • Expenses to remove a personal image from the internet or other digital network

Get your Statement on Restitution form to the court:

Return your form to the police or your local victim services unit
Make sure the Crown Prosecutor and/or the Provincial Clerk’s
Office has the right mailing address for you

When the court orders restitution:

You will be provided with a copy of the restitution order if you ask. You are
responsible for enforcing the order. You will have to file the order in the
Court of Queen’s Bench to get what is owed to you. The filing fee will be

For more information, refer to the pamphlet “Getting and Enforcing Your Judgement in Alberta” available through your victim services unit.

If the court doesn’t order restitution:

You can sue the offender in civil court. It will be up to you to pay the court fees and/or a lawyer to do this.

The offender could be sentenced at any time.
Return your Statement on Restitution form to the police or your local victim services unit as soon as possible
The accused and their lawyer will receive a copy of your Statement on Restitution.

Click here to download the Alberta Government’s brochure on Restitution and Recovery