Sexual Assault

Sexual assault occurs if you have been kissed, fondled or forced to have intercourse without your consent.

You are never obligate to participate in sexual behavior with anyone if you don't want to. Being married or going on a date does not mean that you are consenting to sexual touching of any kind. You have the right to say no! If you are the victim of a sexual assault, these are your first steps:

  • Call the police at 911 or the local detachment 780 385 3509.
  • Go to the nearest emergency department.
    • It is really important that you do not shower, bathe, change your clothes or consume drugs or alcohol before heading the hospital.
    • You can bring a loved one with you for support.
  • The police will offer a to call a Victim Advocate for you, if they have not you can request us at any time.

Advocates are trained to provide emotional support and referrals in the aftermath of an assault. We can be there with you at the hospital and help you use your voice in what can be a very overwhelming and frightening time.

The investigation and subsequent court process can feel very intimidating. You are never alone! You can call on us at every step of the way. We believe you and we are here stand beside you.

Sexual Assault is NEVER the victim's fault. It is not what you were wearing or where you were. Perpetrators commit assault to gain power and control over others.