The Protection Against Family Violence Act includes any behavior that harms or threatens to harm a family member.


Can include hitting, spitting, pulling hair, pushing, or strangulation and the use or threat of use of a weapon.


Is making another person do anything sexual that they do not want to do.

Criminal Harassment

Is repeated conduct that causes a person to reasonably fear for their safety.


Is when one partner does not allow the other to have any money or any control over any money.


Occurs when the victim is isolated from family and friends. The abuser may use jealousy and intimation as a way to control their victim.


Examples of this might include insults and ridicule of the victim or their family, friends and beliefs. It can also include threats to harm themselves, or take the children if the victim were to leave.

Most abuse escalates over time. It does not get better on its own or with changing circumstances.