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A Victim Impact Statement gives you a chance to tell the court how you have been affected by a crime. It is up to you to decide if you want to complete one.
 You CAN include the following in your Victim Impact Statement:
How the crime has affected your mind
How the crime has affected your body
How the crime has affected you financially
Fears for your safety
You can draw a picture, write a poem or a letter to include in your statement if it helps you express the impact the crime has had on you.
You can read your statement in the presence of a support person that you choose and have a picture with you that was taken before the crime.
You CAN’T include this in your Victim Impact Statement
Anything about the crime or the offender that isn’t about how you were harmed
Anything that hasn’t been proven in court
Anything about a crime where the offender wasn’t found guilty
Anything about anyone who was part of the investigation or prosecution (police, court workers,lawyers)
You can’t give your opinion about the sentence, unless asked to by the court
Any information you don’t want the offender or the public to know
Get your Victim Impact Statement to The Court House
Tell Victim Services that you are going to do a Victim Impact Statement
Victim Services can help you understand the process and will tell the court to watch for
your Victim Impact Statement
Make sure you sign the Victim Impact Statement and keep a copy of it for your records
Put the statement in the blue Victim Impact Statement envelope and seal the envelope
If you want to read or present the statement in court, check the “I would like to read or
present my statement in court” on the outside of the blue envelope
Put the blue envelope in the white envelope that has the court address on it
Deliver the package to the nearest courthouse or mail it to the address on the white envelope


The offender will be allowed to read or hear the Victim Impact Statement
The offender could be sentenced at any time
Mail your Victim Impact Statement form to the court as soon as you can
The Victim Impact Statement is not used to apply for restitution (to get money back from the offender)