How We Can Help

Our main goal here at Victim Services:

We are an organization of volunteers who help people that have been victims of a crime or tragedy. Under the guidance and direction of the police, we provide crime/tragedy victims and their families with support, information, and referrals. We are available for immediate support and any follow-up support as required.

Below is a snapshot of what we can offer to victims and how we can help support the RCMP and the community.


  • Advocates are available 24 hours a day- 7 days a week.
  • Advocates can be on scene, at the hospital, providing telephone support and/home visits when needed.
  • We can locate emergency shelters and supplies.
  • We can be there with them, while they are waiting for other family members to come and we are also there if there is no support base available.


  • Victim Services can provide information and follow-up.
  • Advocates can provide information about the criminal justice system.
  • Courtroom orientation and assistance for adults and children.
  • Provide information on parole, probation and how to enroll as a victim with the federal parole board of Canada.
  • We have access to local and provincial resources.
  • We will try to find and locate any information requested.


  • To appropriate counseling programs.
  • Financial assistance programs.
  • Community services and resources

Assault/Sexual Assault:

Attend the scene, hospital, and/or home and provide ongoing support to the victim or the family

Act as a liaison between agencies

Provide appropriate agency referrals

Provide follow-up call or calls as needed to provide further information/clarification

Attend court for all proceedings, and help with all paperwork involved.

Child Victims:

Attend the scene or detachment to assist the police, by providing care until appropriate provisions are made for the child

Remain with the family throughout the process


Provide support to the victim

Act as a liaison between RCMP, the courts, and the victim

Attend court if necessary, and be present throughout the process, and offer support


Attend the scene to provide assistance wherever needed by police or victims (Traffic Control)

Attend the hospital and provide support

Provide follow up after an accident to be sure that the victim(s) have the information they need.

Sudden Death:

Assist with the notification of next of kin, by staying and offering comfort & support (as long as scene is safe and there are 2 advocates)

Provide information on medical examiners & the process

Provide the necessary referrals and information as needed

Provide follow-up calls if necessary

Break and Enter:

Attend the scene to provide support to distressed owner if required

Provide home security checklists, home security packages info and referrals

Elderly vicitms:

Attend the home to help with security information

Provide follow-up as often as needed to help the victim

Provide information on financial assistance available

Domestic Violence:

Attend the scene and provide assistance as deemed necessary (As long as it is secure)

Initiate/ complete a safety plan for the victim and the children

Locate transportation for the victim and victim’s family if needed

Provide referrals and contact any other agency needed to provide safety

Provide any follow up that is needed

Attend all court proceedings and initiate all paperwork involved