How We Can Help

Assault/Sexual Assault:

  • Meet with victims and their support people to provide initial emotional support.
  • Refer to appropriate agency for follow up
  • Attend court for all proceedings and help with all paperwork involved for your Victim Impact Statement, Request for Restitution and Financial Benefits forms.

Child Victims:

  • Attend the Scene or detachment to assist the police by providing care until appropriate provisions are made for the child.


  • Assist with the notification of the next of kin by staying with the family as long as is needed after the police have to leave (provided the scene is safe and there are two advocates.)
  • Provide the necessary referrals and support as needed
  • Provide follow up calls as needed

Break and Enter:

  • Attend the scene to provide support to a distressed owner.
  • Provide home security checklists, home security packages info and referrals
  • Provide information on financial assistance OR a Request for Restitution if charges are laid

Domestic Disputes:

  • Attend the scene and provide assistance and support to the victim and family  (as long as the scene is secure)
  • Locate transportation for the victim and their family if needed
  • Provide referrals and contact any other agency needed to provide safety
  • Provide initial child care if needed
  • Initiate/complete a safety plan with the assistance of the RCMP for victim and any children involved
  • Attend all court proceedings  and help initiate all paperwork involved and keep the victim updated on all court proceedings
  • Ensure they feel supported.

Motor Vehicle or Serious Injury Accidents:

  • Attend the scene to provide assistance wherever needed by police or victims
  • Attend the hospital and provide support
  • Provide follow up to ensure the victim(s) have all the information/ referrals they need

Elderly Victims:

  • Attend the home to help with security information
  • Provide information on financial assistance availability
  • provide any referrals required to assist the victim


  • Offer support to the victim
  • Attend court in necessary
  • Assist with Request for Restitution paperwork